Ninja Tables Review

Ninja Tables Review

Wanna create beautiful tables without any limitations? Then keep reading this amazing Ninja Tables Review. Here I will introduce you the best WordPress Table Plugin The Ninja Tables.

As you know, tables are really content-rich and Good looking, but creating them is really hectic. There are few table plugin out there like TablePresss and WP Table Builder. But they come with their own limitation.

These Table Plugins are not capable to integrate with Google Sheets. So, If you want these missing feature in the Table Plugin then Ninja Tables is for you.

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How to get Ninja Tables Pro?

Step 1: Click this special link to go Ninja Tables Pro website.

Step 2: Now click on Ninja Tables Pro Plugin or any other desired plugin.

Step 3: Now click on the Buy now button.

Ninja Tables Pro

Step 4: Complete the payment and you are good to go.

Ninja Tables Plugin Overview

Ninja Tables is freemium WordPress Table Plugin with the most amazing features and integrations. It lets you create beautiful yet powerful Tables and can pull the data from Gooogle Sheets and CSV Files.

You can use Ninja Tables Plugin to design various kind of tables like Amazon Product Listing, WooCommerce Product list, Product Specification Table, League Points Table, Cryptocurrency Table, Movie Review Table or any other tables.

Amazing Features of Ninja Tables

As I said earlier the Ninja Table is Freemium plugin, so some features are not available in the free version. Here we try our best to explain each and every feature and tell you How to use them.

  • Drag and Drop Data Sorting: You can easily Drag and drop every element and design your table according to your need.
  • Now Import your Table from CSV or JSON File
  • Add Media to Tables Cells: Now add Image and video to your table. This feature helps you to create the Amazon Product table.
  • Unlimited colour option: You have a choice to choose any types of colour for your Table heading, Elements and Background.
  • Custom Filter UI: With this feature, your user can able to filter the element they want.

How to create a Table with Ninja Tables?

  • Once you install the Ninja Tables plugin from WordPress Repository, you will see the below page.
Ninja Tables Review 1

Now, you will get 2 choices. You either create a table by yourself or you can import from the below sources.

  • Import table from existing CSV or JSON file.
  • Construct Table from WP Fluent Form Entries
  • Construct Table from Posts / CPTs
  • Construct Table from Google Sheets
  • Construct Table from Remote CSV File
  • Construct Table from Custom SQL Query

To create a Table, click on create your First Table. Now you will see a pop-up where you can add the title and description of the table.

Ninja Tables Review 3
Ninja Tables Plugin Table Title and Description

Now you have to add a column and name it. Here, you have the option to select the data type of the column.

You can add Image, Text, Button/Link, HTML, Numeric, data and Select Field.

Ninja Tables Data Type Setting
Ninja Tables Data Type Setting

You also have a responsive table option. Means you can hide/show Table to a particular device.

Ninja Tables Review 5
Ninja Tables Responsive Breakpoint Setting

After that, you can play with Advanced Settings, Conditional Formatting and Transform Value. But remember these 3 features are only available in the pro version.

Like this, you can add as much as the column you want to the table. To add the data into it Click on Add Data and enter your data.

Adding the data in Ninja Tables
Adding the data in Ninja Tables

Next, we have the table configure option, here you can configure your table according to your need.

Coming to the Table Design section, you have an option to preview the table with various devices like Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Ninja Tables Responsive Devices Preview
Ninja Tables Responsive Devices Preview

To change the colour Click on Table Colors and change the colour according to your need.

Ninja Tables Colours Setting
Ninja Tables Colours Setting

Create a Table with WooCommerce Integration

Ninja Tables Seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce. This lets you Make an inventory-style table that’s perfect for large data, big store, clothing, restaurants, eCommerce, and more. Moreover you can create the Product list Table like below screenshot.

Ninja Tables Review 7

Create a Table with WP Fluent Form Integration

You can easily connect Ninja Tables with WP Fluent Form and Whenever users submit any form, all information will be pulled out to the tables automatically. So like this, you can make use of Ninja Tables with WP Fluent Form to get most out of it.

Ninja Tables Review 9
Ninja Tables and WP Fluent Form Integration

Create a Table with Google Sheets Integration

To import the Google Sheets into your table, you have to click on the add table, then you will see a popup like below. Just Click on Connect Google Sheets, enter the Title and Url of your Google Sheet. It will import the whole sheet into your table.

Ninja Tables Review 11

Create a Table with WP Post Integration

To use this feature, click on the add table. Then you need to select WP Post setting, Here add the posts type and click on next then select the property type and click on save. Now you will save the Post is added to the table.

[Note: Here our Example post name was New post Example which is shown below.]

Ninja Tables WP Posts Integration
Ninja Tables WP Posts Integration

Create a Table with Remote CSV File

To create a table with Remote CSV file, you have to copy and paste the URL in the URL section.

Ninja Tables Review 13

Create a Table with Custom SQL Query

To construct the table with Custom SQL Query, you have to write the SQL Query then have to click on add to create the table.

Ninja Tables Review 15

Ninja Tables Pro Pricing:

Ninja Tables comes with both Yearly as well as Lifetime Plans. Moreover, you have an option to choose the Signal site, 20 site and unlimited sites license.


  •  Single Site License  – $49.00
  •  Agency License (Up to 20 Websites) – $99.00
  •  Unlimited Sites – $199.00


  •  Single Site Lifetime License – $199.00
  •  Agency License Lifetime (20 Sites) – $399.00
  •  Unlimited Site & Lifetime License – $599.00

If you purchase any Pro plans, then you get all the premium features, doesn’t matter whether it is Yearly or lifetime.

Worried about Refund? Then here is the good news for you, Ninja Tables Provides Risk-Free 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Ninja Tables Review Conclusion:

Ninja Tables is the best WordPress Tables Plugin with the most advanced features and integration that lets you create beautiful looking tables in the WordPress. If you want All in one Tables Plugin then blindly go for Ninja Tables Pro.

We tried to explain everything in this Ninja Tables Review. But if you want documentation of Ninja Tables then you can click here to visit.

Many users complained about their support but if you know about the product properly then you don’t need the support in all cases. But still, if you have any then you can create Ninja Tables Ticket Here.

I hope you liked our Ninja Tables Review. Please share this Ninja Tables Pro 2020 Review with Your friends.

Ninja Tables Review
Ninja Tables Review
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