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  • WP Vivid Coupon [20% Exclusive discount]

WP Vivid Coupon [20% Exclusive discount]

WP Vivid Coupon [20% Exclusive discount]

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Here in this article, we have a special WP Vivid Coupon for TheFreakyBlog readers. Wanna know how? Then stick with the article.

THEFREAKYBLOG2020% Get Discount

WP Vivid Pro Coupon

39.2 US$ $49
The WP vivid backup plugin allows you to easily back up and restore all of your sites with just one click. So there is no need for tedious work on backing up or restoring content, it’s easy as can be!

Info about WP Vivid Plugin

WP Vivid plugin solves the backup and restore problem of WordPress users and gives you..

• Peace of mind with advance backup
• Smooth transition with auto-migration
• Backup your whole website in one click
• Ensure data security

Backing up your WordPress website is a must, but it can be hard to remember.

Agitate: Most people know that backing up their website and blog is important, but they don’t do it because of the hassle and time involved.

WP Vivid Backup Plugin backs up your entire site automatically every day or at any other interval you choose (e.g., hourly). The backup files are stored on many cloud servers where they will stay for as long as you need them.

I hope you liked the WP Vivid Coupon [20% Exclusive discount].

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