Crocoblock Review: Is it worth it?

Crocoblock Review: Is it worth it?
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Planning to buy Crocoblock?

Then wait, don’t buy without reading this Crocoblock Review.

Plugin TypeElementor Addons
PriceStarting from $65
What’s Included18+ plugins, 47+ templates, 150 widgets and 160+ popups.
CompetitorsThe plus Addons For Elementor
Essential Addons For Elementor
Happy Addons For Elementor

What is Crocoblock?

Crocoblock is basically an Elementor Addons which comes with a complete package which included 18+ plugins, 47+ templates, 150 widgets and 160+ popups.

While other add-ons focus on some particular features


  • Content creation widgets
  • WooCommerce Widgets
  • Some other features which Elemetor Pro is not offering

But here the Crocoblock is offering also everything in one place.

And that too for just $130 per year.

So let’s dive into it and go through every plugin

Crocoblock Plugins – Overview

Crocoblock comes with 18 plugins as of now and they are fulfilling almost all requirements.

It is a complete package of plugins which helps you to design unbelievable websites.

  • JetElements: Meet the basic must-have widgets for Elementor

JetElements has some really useful widgets which help you to add Dynamic as well as static content. This includes Buttons, Heading, Video and animated boxes.

  • Jet Engine: Dynamic Content with ease

JetEngine is one of the game-changing plugins in dynamic content. Now you don’t need to install a separate plugin for Custom posts and Custom Fields. JetEnigne includes all of this and that too in a systematic manner.

  • JetBlog: Design blog like a pro!

JetBlog basically helps you to create the blog layouts as well as magazine layouts which are helpful for news sites.

It supports Custom posts, WP Query, Pagination and New ticker.

  • JetSearch: Ajax-based search

As you know the Elemetoir Search h widgets are really basic one. But here with JetSearch, you can able to add Ajax Search to your website.

You can further customize the search result with post thumbnails and post contents.

Crocoblock Review: Is it worth it? 1

  • JetCompareWishlist

JetCompareWishlist is WooCommerce based widget. It basically helps you to add the compare and wishlist buttons to your WooCommerce products.

It helps the buyer to decide and buy the product easily.

  • JetProductGallery

This plugin is built to showcase the WooCommerce Gallery in Grids and Sliders.

If you have more than 2 product images then use this plugin to help the buyer to get a better view of the product.

  • JetPopup

This is a PopUp plugin which works using Elementor. But wait for this much better one.

JetPop helps you to add Yes or No forms, Cookie and GDPR Notice Popups, Discount popups and Lead collecting pupups.

Don’t worry you don’t need to craete any Popup from scratch. Just Select one from 160+ interacting Popup library and edit as you want.

Another good thing is, JetPopup also comes with Interactive Popupos like Strach Card and Discount Popups which helps to increase the conversions.

  • JetSmartFilters

JetSmartFilters helps you to add Filters. This includes Date Filter, Search, Radio and Range filters.

This plugin is extremely helpful to craete filters in Car, Bike Rental and Booking websites.

  • JetWooBuilder

In one word this is the best Elementor based WooCommerce Builder.

It helps you to design the entire WooCommerce website from starch.

From Designing the single product to My Account page, this includes all.

You also get useful widgets like upsell, reviews, attribution and images to design beautiful WooCommerce websites.

  • JetMenu

As the name suggests it helps you create Menus.

You can add anything to the menu like Contact form, Woocommerce Based products and the Posts with thumbnails and metadata.

It also supports mobile responsive mega menus.

  • JetTabs

This is the basic plugin which adds the Toggle, Accordion and Tabs widgets.

You can also use it as a switcher.

  • JetReview

JetReview helps you to Create different review types for any CPT types.

You can also add the Dynamic as well as Static review to your websites which are Schema Markups Ready. That means you get more traffic from Google

And the best thing is you get all the Reviews stats of users in one clean dashboard.

  • JetTricks

JetTricks is really useful plugin to add the visual effects to your websites,.

You can easily add the Hotspots, section particles, parallax scrolling and Unfold text effects.

  • JetBlocks

Jet Blocks help you add the necessary blocks like Login, Logo, Menu and search widgets.

Basically, this includes all the widgets to design the header and footer.

  • JetBooking

This amazing plugin helps you to craete the dynamic rentals and booking websites with WordPress.

You can design Bike, Car, Hotel and many other booking or Rental websites.

It also integrates with WooCommderce and JetEngine to add the unbelievable designing functionality.

  • JetStyleManager

It is useful plugin to speed up your website and save your valuebale time.

You can disable the styling options and increase the website speed.

Another use of the plugin is skin.

Once you design the widgets, you can save that one and use it anytime without designing it again.

  • JetThemeCore

JetThemeCore plugin helps you to create edit awesome pages, headers and footer,

Once you install the plugin you get an extra button in Elementor.

That includes a pre-design template for every part of websites.

  • JetAppointment.

It is the latest plugin by Crocoblock. It helps you to create appointment kind of websites.

You can integrate this with Jet engine Woocommerce.

Dynamic Templates

This is the first time when an Elementor addon is offering Dynamic Templates.

Let me tell you basically Dynamic Templates are predesigned website built with Dynamic data like Custom post types and custom fields.

These are ready to use the website with just one click. Once you install the demo you can customize it according to your need.

Crocoblock uses JetEngine plugin to add the Custom Post Type and Custom Fields functionality.

Furthermore, they use JetAppointment and Jet Booking plugins to add the Appointment and Booking functionality.

You can also integrate WooCommerce with it to add the payment gateways.

Currenlty there are 8 Dynamic templates available.

If you want to design the Rental website like Car Rental and Booking or Appointment websites like Spa or Hospital then make use of Crocoblock Dynamic Templates.

Design Templates

These are the basic pre built templates which you can install in one lick and use it as you need.

As of now there are 47 prebuilt website templates categorized according to the catgory.

These include WooCommerce Shop, Portfolio, News and Service websites.

Design Templates are available only in All in One Exclusive Plan.

Interactive Popup Library

These are the Popup templaes with interactive fearyres like Sklide and Scratch.

You can offer vistior a Scratch card to giuve the discount.

This will be using full for collecting emails and increasing the affiliate sales.


Crocoblock pricing is really confusing, it includes 4 packages that too for single as well as unlimited sites license,

So let me help you to desice the best Crocoblock package for you.

Out of 18 plugins 4 are common in every plans and those are,

  • JetStyleManager
  • JetThemeCore
  • JetBlocks
  • JetPopup

Now decide apart from the above plugins, which plugins you need.

You can see all the 4 plans below.

  • E-Commerce: This package includes the WooCommerce related widgets
  • Design: This package includes all the design elements
  • Dynamic: This package includes all the dynamic content widgets.
  • All in One Exclusive: This package includes all the 18 plugins.

Apart from these plans, there is aa lifetime deal for $750 which includes everything for unlimited sites.

Want a discount? Checkout our Crocoblock coupon to check the available discounts.

What is Crocoblock?

Crocoblock is all in one toolkit for Elementor Page Builder. Crocoblock Elementor Addon comes with 18+ plugins, 47+ templates, 150 widgets and 160+ popups.

Is Crocoblock worth it?

Yes, Crocoblock is completely worth it. Whether you are a blogger or a freelancer who works for clients Crocoblock is worth it for everyone.

Does Crocoblock offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Crocoblock offers 30 days money-back guarantee.

Is there any Crocoblock coupon available?

Normally they don’t offer coupon codes but you can always check their discount page for more information.

What is included in the package?

Crocoblock package includes
18 Plugins
47+ templates
150 widgets
and 160+ popups.

Crocoblock Review: Conclusion

I hope our Crocoblock review is helpful for you to buy the Crocoblock.

Please share your thoughts about Crocoblock review in the comment section.

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Crocoblock Review: Is it worth it?
Crocoblock Review: Is it worth it?
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