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Wanna Migrate your website to Cloudways? then here is the complete step by step tutorial.

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Now coming to the point, Cloudways offers 1 free migration. If you can contact them to get your site migrated.

If you have more than 1 sites or want to do it by yourself then keep reading.

In order to migrate your site to cloudways, first, you need to create the application then point your domain to that application.

1.Install the Cloudways Application

First of all, you need to create a WordPress Application In cloudways. You can create the application by following the below steps.

[wpsm_numbox num=”1″ style=”3″]Click on Add Application Button [/wpsm_numbox]


[wpsm_numbox num=”2″ style=”3″]Click on Add Application Button and create WordPress As shown below[/wpsm_numbox]


[wpsm_numbox num=”3″ style=”3″]Once you create WordPress app, now you need to install Cloudways Migrator Plugin on the site which you want to migrate[/wpsm_numbox]


Cloudways Migrator Plugin Install
Cloudways Migrator Plugin Install
[wpsm_numbox num=”4″ style=”3″]Once you install and activate the plugin you will see the below the dashboard.[/wpsm_numbox]


Cloudways Migrator Plugin Dashboard
Cloudways Migrator Plugin Dashboard


Here we have explained with numbers

  1. Email: Enter your email to get migration Notifications.
  2. Destination Site URL: Enter the WordPress Site URL which you have created in the last step.
  3. Database Name: Enter the Database Name. [Present in Application Dashboard]
  4. Server Public IP Address: Enter the Server IP Address:[Present in Application Dashboard]
  5. SFTP Username: Enter the SFTP Username.
  6. SFTP Password: Enter the SFTP Password.

You can match these with Application Dashboard Steps[ See Below Image]


[wpsm_numbox num=”5″ style=”3″]Once you enter the details, just click on the migrate button then it will redirect to Blogvault site.[/wpsm_numbox] [wpsm_numbox num=”6″ style=”3″]Now it will verify the details and proceed the migration.[/wpsm_numbox]



[wpsm_numbox num=”7″ style=”3″]In the end, you will see the below message..[/wpsm_numbox]

Now your site is migrated to cloudways. But here you need to point the domain to Cloudways. Here we explained how to do it.

Point Domain to Cloudways

Now you have created the application but after this you need to point your domain to Cloudways

First you need to login to your Domain Registrar. Next go to DNS Settings,there you just need to create one ‘A Record’ to points to Cloudways Server IP.

Cloudways Server IP
A Record Pointing to Cloudways IP Address

Now you have successfully migrated your website to Cloudways. But wait there is one more thing, which is important.

And that is SSL, you need to install SSL certificate.

Install SSL Certificate

Cloudways provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. To install one for your site just follow the below steps.

  • Login to Cloudways Dashboard
  • Now click on SSL certificates
  • Now enter the Email and Domain Name and click on Install Certificate
  • And You are Done with SSL

After this another popup like below will appear. So just. click on Enable HTTPS.

So now the migration Process is complete. Now you can login with Username name Password.

I hope you have Successfully Migrated your Website to Cloudways Hosting.

If this article helped you, then please share this Guide How to Migrate to Cloudways with your friends and family.

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