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Do you want to add Beautiful looking Social Share Buttons to your blog? Then Today we are going to present you the best Social Sharing Plugins which will help you to get more engagement and shares on your blog post.

I hope you are writing the best content and getting some decent traffic from Search Engine. That is a good thing but If you are not encouraging your readers to share the article then you are losing a lot of traffic.

Nowadays everybody is using Facebook and Twitter, so it is a great source to get traffic. But you can’t share an article with everybody, to solve this problem you must encourage your audience to share your article with their friends, like this if 10 people shared article you get a lot of traffic.

But, wait If you don’t have any Social Share button on your blog, then How do your Audience will share the article? So if you are not using any Social Share plugin then, read this article to choose the best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin.

There are a lot of Social Media Plugins available in the market but it is important to select the Good Looking and lightweight Plugins. So we have tested these 10 Social Media Plugins which are lightweight and have beautiful looking Share buttons.

1.Social Snap

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 1

Social Snap is the freemium Social Share plugin with great features and pricing. Nowadays a lot of bloggers are using it, as it is lightweight and feature-rich.

Social Snap has some great features like Social Sharing, Social Auto-Poster, Boost Old Posts and Advanced Statistics. You have the option to choose from over 30 different Social networks with Diffrent Shapes, Colour and placements.

Even If you change the URLs, then also you can recover the share count. Additionally, with the pro version you get, Social Content Locker, Social Login, Social Auto-Poster, and much more.

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 2

So if you want lightweight yet good looking Social Share buttons then go With Social Snap.

Pricing starts fro $27.30 per year without addon and $69.29 for 3sites plan with add-ons.

Try Social Snap Now.

2.Grow Social Pro [Formerly Social Pug]

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 3

Social pug is yet another lightweight Social Sharing plugin with decent features. It has 10 diffrent Social Networks which is free and offers some advanced features like Google Analytics feature and Clicks to tweet button.

Social Pug was renamed as Grow Social Pro by Mediavine, so don’t get confused. Talking about the price, as I said before It offers Free plugin with 10 Social Networks. But If you want to upgrade then it will cost $36 Per year for a domain.

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 4


Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 5

Monarch is a Premium Social Sharing plugin by Elegant Themes. It offers 20 Social Networks with 5 Diffrent Placements.

With Monarch PLugin you can place Social Sharing Buttons on Images also, and you can customize Button with Diffrent Shapes, Colours, and Hover effects.

It also offers some unique feature like Fly-in which you can use to display Social Button Popups or to Get Email Subscribers.

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 6

If you are planning to Buy then you need to get an Elegant Theme Subscription which is priced at $89 per year. With this, you also get Divi Theme, Extra Theme and Bloom Plugin.

4.Social Warfare

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 7

Social Warfare plugin is one of the best Social Media Plugin with Over 1,000,000 downloads and counting. A lot of bloggers still use this plugin but the majority of them switched to Social Snap.

But Social Warfare is not a bad plugin, it is lightweight and has gorgeous looking Social Share buttons. You can Customize the look with over 5,000 potential style combinations with Twitter Card s and Click to Tweet Buttons.

Warfare Plugins

You can use the Shortcodes to display the Social Sharing buttons to display anywhere you want and another interesting this is you can also use this plugin to show the Popular posts of your blog.

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 8

Social Warfare offers Free Plugin with some limitations. But if you want full features then you can go with POaid plan which is priced at $29 per site.

Get Started with Social Warfare.

5.Share Buttons by AddToAny

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 9

AddToAny is the ultimate Social Media Plugin which is available free of costs. With over
installs, AddToAny is one of the oldest Social Sharing Plugin. If you are looking for the Social Snap Free Alternative then it is for you.

It offers almost all advanced features like Button Custimixation, Diffentet Placements, Google Analytics integration, Custom icons and over 100+ sharing buttons.

We found it is the Best Free Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress. But it is a little bit heavy and increases the load time.

You can download the AddToAny Social Sharing plugin free of costs.

6.Easy Social Share Plugin

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 10

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the best selling Social Media Plugin for WordPress. on CodeCanyon. You get 55+ beautiful templates for social sharing and personal template builder, 30+ automatic design positions, 30+ attention-grabbing and eye-catching animations. 

You can use Easy Social Share plugin to get Email Subscribers and increase the website traffic. Currently, Easy Social Share plugin is the most customization Social Sharing plugin in the market.

It is GDPR and Gutenberg ready and easily integrates with major Email Marketing Services like Mailchimp and Get Response.

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 11

If you are looking forth paid Social Sharing Plugin With all advanced features the I recommend you to go with Easy Social Share.

You can get this awesome plugin for just $20.

Get started with Easy Social Share Buttons.


Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 12

Jetpack is the popular free All in one WordPress Plugin by Automattic. It can add many useful features to your blog lie, Lazy Load, Backup, Security and much more. And Social Sharing is one of them. You can use the Jetpack plugin to Add Social Sharing Buttons to your blog.

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 13

One bad thing about Jetpack is it increases the load time. So if you don’t have a problem with load time then go for it.

Get started with Jetpack.

8. MashShare

Best Social Sharing Plugins For Wordpress 14

MashShare is yet another Popular Social Sharing plugin. With this, you can add Beautiful and unique looking Social Sharing button and Facebook like box to your blog.

MashShare used to resemble the style of, Mashable site’s social sharing buttons. It also integrates with Google Analytics and you can add the page views too.

Get started with Mashshare.

I tried my best to explain which is the best Social Sharing plugin. If you are still confused then I would Highly Recommend you to go with Social Snap Social Sharing Plugin as it is the best and we are also using Social Snap on this blog. If you are looking for the Free Social Sharing Plugin then all of these paid plugins offer Free Version also so try that one.

I am mentioning some other good Social Media Plugin also. So If you don’t like the above plugin then try these.

I hope you liked these Social Media Plugins for WordPress. Please share these Social Sharing Plugins with Your Freinds.

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