HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting
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Today we are going to share our experience with HostArmada in the form of HostArmada review.

You know after SiteGround increases their pricing, everybody is looking for a good and affordable Hosting.

And surprisingly we found a Hosting company which is fast as well as affordable[only $2.69 per month].

Yes, we are talking about HostArmada – a newly launched US-based Webhosting company which aims to provide good speed hosting at affordable pricing and top-notch support.

And today we are going to Review the HostArmada web hosting.

We are testing HostArmada hosting from last few months and here we have written our experience with HostArmada so let’s get started.

HostArmada- A new player in the market?

HostArmada launched in 2019, and within a year HostArmada impressed everyone with affordable pricing and fast and reliable servers.

It is founded in the US but has datacentre over 9 different locations across the world.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 1

Talking about the types of hosting, currenlty HostArmada is offering SSD Based Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated servers.

It also offers domain registration but, you don’t need to register as long as you are using HostArmada customer because you get it for free with every plan.

HostArmada Speedtest

Here we are presenting you the result of the speed test we did. As you know hosting is not the single factor which will help you to have a better speed.

Along with the Hosting you need a caching plugin, proper Image Optimization and many other settings. Then only you get the result.

In this test, we tested the SSD Based Shared hosting and the plan is Speed Reaper which comes with Litespeed server.

We used the Astra Free Theme for this test with the following plugins.

To speed up the process we installed the Astra Starter website plugin and imported the prebuilt website.

For caching we used the Litespeed Cache plugin and for image optimization, we used the Optimole image optimization plugin.

So let’s start with the Uptime,

We used the Uptime Robot for monitoring the down time.

As of now, we didn’t face any downtime. If anything happens I will update here.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 2

Here is another test we did from Bitcatcha. As you can see we get a really amazing speed.

Here we chose Bangalore as our datacentre that’s why we for mind-blowing speed for Bangalore.

So the overall score is A+.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 3

Next, we moved to GTMetrix, here also we tested and got really amazing speed.

Site loads within a second without using any CDN or paid caching plugin like WP Rocket.

As you can see the in the below image, fully loaded time is just 0.9 seconds. And this is one of the Astra Starter sites we installed.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 4

And here is the results from Pingdom tools. Here also we got really amazing speed.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 5

At last, we tested with Google page speed and got the below results.

As you can see we got 96 scores for the desktop which can be increased to 100 very easily with a little bit of optimization using any paid CDN or caching plugin.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 6


SSD Cloud Storage

HostArmada is powered by the SSD Cloud storage which is really fast. No more SATA based storage. So your website files will be saved in Cloud SSD and process really fast. This is the major thing which every web hosting company is using to process the files faster than ever before.

Free backups

As you know nowadays backups are extremely important.

For some hosting you need to pay for backups, But here you get 7 daily free backups with Start Dock plans and the Speed Reaper plan gives 21 daily backups.

You can backup the whole website or you can do the small backups like Databases and files.

Free Domain

Very few hosting providers give you lifetime free domain and HostArnada is one of them.

You get the free domain as long as you remain a customer of HostArmada.

For just $2.69 you get the hosting as well as the free domain WOW!

The low number of Clients per server

Many hosting providers add the many clients in one server and that increases the load time.

With a low number of clients per server, you get the better speed with better result.

99.9% Uptime

We are using HostArmada from last 2 months and we never faced any kind of downtime. This will help you get a better ranking at Google.

45 Days Money-back Guarantee with No Cancellation fees

Once you use HostArmada, you won’t disappoint and opt for a refund. But in case you want a refund then you have 45 days to request the refund and you get all the money back with no cancellation charges.

DDoS Protection

Nowadays no website is secured, they often encountered with a DDoS attack. And if your hosting provider doesn’t offer DDoS protection and your website will be gone.

And the good news is HostArmada comes with DDoS protection.

For preventing this, they have implemented web server-side DDoS protection that consists of:

  • ModSecurity Integration
  • Per-IP throttling
  • SSL Renegotiation Protection Service
  • HostArmada reCaptcha Guard

Malware Scanning and Advanced Firewall

 HostArmada firewalls are capable of defending the customers against any Brute force attack, DoS attack, and of course, port scans.

Many people use the nulled theme and plugins and their website will be injected with malicious code.

So stop using Nulled Themes and Plugins.

But by mistakenly your site is injected with malicious code then don’t worry. HostArmada scan your website regularly and help you to remove it.

Furthermore, each you are provided with the option to initiate a security scan via the control panel whenever you need.

HostArmada Dashboard

As you know HostArmada comes with Cpanel which makes everything easy, but apart from Cpanel it also has a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage everything in one place.

As you can see in the below image, you can manage the billing, Domain and Hosting packages.

Below that you get access to direct Cpanel options like File Manager, Domains and you can also change the Cpanel password within the dashboard.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 7

Furthermore, you get the Cpanel which is widely used control panel for many hostings. Here you can manage the backups, SSL certificates, FTP accounts, Emails and many more.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 8

And the Softaculous Apps installer lets you easily install the WordPress, Magento and other CMS with just one click.

I hope everybody knows Cpanel so, I don’t explain everything here 🙂

HostArmada Plans and Pricing

As of now, HostArmada is offering Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers.

Shared hosting is widely used one so lets talk about it,

HostArmada has 3 plans in shared hosting Start Dock, Web Warp and Speed Reaper.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 9

Start Dock plan

Start Dock plan is the very basic plan which is priced at only $2.69 per month.

This plan offers unlimited FTP accounts, Databases, Emails and subdomains.

Here are the details of thing which you will get with Start Dock plan.

  • 1 Website
  • 1 Free Website Transfer
  • 15 GB Cloud SSD Storage
  • 2 Cores CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • FREE Domain Register/Transfer
  • ~10 000 Unique Visitors
  • 7 Daily Backups

This plan is only good for single-site portfolio sites. If you want to host your blog then get a Speed Reaper plan.

 Web Warp

This plan is almost the same as Start Dock but you get unlimited domain.

This plan also offers unlimited FTP accounts, Databases, Emails and subdomains.

And here is the plan details:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 30 GB Cloud SSD Storage
  • 4 Cores CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • FREE Domain Register/Transfer
  • ~60 000 Unique Visitors
  • 14 Daily Backups

If we compare this with the basic plan then you will see, you get 2X Ram and CPU along with these you also get up to 3 website transfers and Free Private DNS.

Speed Reaper

This is the fastest and the best plan for HostArmada.

The main thing which differentiates Speed Reaper plan from others is the Lightspeed Cache.

And also you get the HTTP/3, 3X fewer clients per server, APC Opcode Cache, and Memcached.

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 40 GB Cloud SSD Storage
  • 6 Cores CPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • FREE Domain Register/Transfer
  • ~120 000 Unique Visitors
  • 21 Daily Backups

This is the best and value for money plan. If you want to host your blog then, I highly recommend you to go with Speed Reaper plan as it comes with Lightspeed cache.

Which plan is best for you?

The first 2 plans are good for low traffic sites as they are affordable. But keep in your mind that, they come with Nginx server and comes with limitations like lack of Lightspeed cache.

And the best thing about Speed Reaper plan is it comes with more resources, backups, and Lightspeed server.

So our pick will be Speed Reaper plan. And if you want to stick with HostArmada then I will suggest you get 2 or years hosting as the renewal price will go higher after a year.

How to get started with HostArmada?

  • Click on this link to activate flat 70% discount.
  • Now click on Plans and Pricing
  • Now select the best plan suitable for you. I recommended Speed Reaper plan, as it comes with more resources and Lightspeed.
  • Now click on order now button
  • Next, you need to register a new domain or transfers the existing one for free.
  • Once you are done with the domain, select the billing period. If you are using HostArmada for more than 1 year then I will suggest you get 2 or 3 years packages, because after 1-year renewal price will increase.
  • Now select the nearest Data Center for your website.
  • Now simply enter the details and checkout with either Paypal or Credit card.

HostArmada Support

The one thing which I really liked about HostArmada is its support.

They 24/7/365 Live Chat, Phone support and the lighting fast ticket system.

So here is what you can expect from HostArmada Support

Website Support Service

  •  Website Transfer
  •  Application Setup
  •  Website Optimization
  •  Website Common Errors (403, 404, 500, 502 … etc.)
  •  Hacked website assistance

Domain Support Service

  •  Domain Registration
  •  Domain Transfer
  •  DNS Modifications
  •  Nameservers Modifications
  •  Domain forwarding

Email Support

  •  Mail Client Setup
  •  Mail Accounts Management
  •  Newsletter Setup
  •  Mail IP

SSH Support

  •  SSH Information
  •  SSH Client Configurations
  •  SSH Command Line assistance
  •  File Operations assistance
  •  Local Binaries usage

SSL Support

  •  SSL Installation
  •  SSL integration with your website
  •  SSL renewal
  •  SSL Issues investigation

If you face any issue anytime then you can easily chat with support team.

If you want to more support then you can create a ticket at the dashboard area.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 10

You just need to select the issue and just enter the details of your website to get started.

We face some issue so we have created some ticket and within 10 minutes we got our first reply from the team. This is incredible, you can’t get first reply with other hosting support but you are getting here.

HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting 11


Overall HostArmada is a really good and affordable hosting provider which offer the daily backups, Lightspeed servers, top-notch support, affordable pricing, essential features, user-friendly dashboard and many more awesome features.

At last, if you are buying HostArmada hosting then I recommend you to for Speed Reaper as it offers more resources and Lightspeed servers.

I hope you like our detailed HostArmada Review. We try to update this review on the regular basis with the latest stats and screenshot. Till then if you have any issue with HGostArmnada Hosting Review 2020 then please comment down below.

Is there any money-back guarantee available?

Yes, HostArmada Offers 45 Days Money-back Guarantee with No Cancellation fees

Do I get Lightspeed with HostArmada?

Yes, with Speed Reaper plan you will get Lightspeed.

Do I get Free Domain?

Yes, you will get a free domain as well as the domain transfers.

Which is a good one?

I will highly recommend you to go with Speed Reaper plan as it comes with LKighspeed server.

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HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting
HostArmada Review 2021: New but Incredible Hosting
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