Happy Addons Review

Happy Addons Review
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Happy Addons Coupon
HappyAddons is the best Elementor addons available with some of the best and exclusive features like Live Copy and Cross-Domain Sync. Buy HappyAddons Pro with a discount using Happy Addons Pro Coupon code 2021.Happy Addons is Offering Up to 25% Discount.

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Planning to Buy Happy Elemenetor Addons? Then wait, in This HappyAddons Review, You will come to know why HappyAddons is our favourite Elementor addon and why we are using it.

There are a lot of Elementor addons present in the market, Some are helpful in Development like Dynamic Content for Elementor and some are helpful in designing the beautiful websites and HappyAddons is the best among them.

We tried almost all the Elementor Addons but we are not satisfied with widgets and their default designs.

Then one day, we come to know about this Amazing Elementor Addons called HappyAddons.

As name suggests, we are really Happy 🙂

Now coming to the point, we wanted the Elementor Addon, which we can able to make our work easy like copy paste. Then we need something beautiful looking widgets which are full of gradients colours, borders and shadows.

So this is our Problem, now we solved this with the help of HappyAddons. HappyAddons comes with the most amazing problem-solving features like Cross-Domain Copy Paste, Unlimited Section Nesting, Live Copy and many other.

Apart from these Problem solving features. HappyAddons comes with 27 free and 26 paid widgets.

Pro Widgets

Free Widgets

Happy Addons Free Widgets​

  • Card

  • Info Box

  • Icon Box

  • Skill Bars

  • Review

  • Image Compare

  • Gradient Heading

  • Team Heading

  • Dual Button

  • Number Widgets

  • News Ticker

  • Bar Chart

  • Post List

  • Justified Grid

  • Testimonial

  • Icon Box

  • Logo Grid

  • Slider

  • Image Carousel

  • Image Grid

  • Logo Grid

  • Fun Factor

  • Calendly

  • Social Icon

  • Twitter Feed

  • Post Tab

Happy Addons Pro Widgets

  • Feature list

  • Pricing Table

  • Flip Box

  • Advanced Heading

  • Hover Box

  • Team Caresoul

  • Scrolling Image

  • Team Heading

  • Advanced Tab

  • Testimonial Carousel

  • Logo Carousel

  • Animated Text

  • Post List

  • Polar Area Chart

  • Timeline

  • Instagram Feed

  • Advanced Toggle

  • List Group

  • Countdown

  • Source Code

  • Promo Box

  • Hot Spot

  • Price Menu

  • Business Hour

  • Line Chart

  • Pie & Doughnut Chart

  • Radar Chart

So these are the HappyAddons Widgets. They included all the basic and advanced widgets which are packed with beautiful Design and marketing features.

They pay attention to the charts and bars widgets. You can see, you get Radar, Polar Area, Pie and Doughnut chart without any hassle.

Now these are the widgets which can be found in every Elementor Addon.

But there are some unique features of HappyAddons which are worth talking.

Problem Solving Features

HappyAddons is the real problem solver. Not only it solves the problems, but it also has some beautiful widgets which will help you to build beautiful websites in a short time.


Happy Addons Review 9
HappyAddons Presets

HappyAddons comes with this unique feature called Preset. It means for every widget you get some pre-made designs on your site within single clicks.

Currently, HappyAddons has 400+ widgets ready to use.

2.Cross-Domain Copy Paste

Happy Addons Review 10
Cross-Domain Copy Paste

Now, this is the best and unique feature of HappyAddons. With this feature, you can easily copy the content from one domain to another domain.

Currently, Elementor Supports copy-paste feature within the website.

So it is yet another Elementor problem solved by HappyAddons.

3.Unlimited Section Nesting

Happy Addons Review 11
Unlimited Section Nesting

If you are an Elementor user then, you know that it’s impossible to add more than one sections within a page. But now it is possible with HappyAddons.

Using Unlimited Section Nesting Feature of Happy Addons Pro, you can add unlimited sections within a single section.

Now you can design your website more advanced options.

4.Live Copy

Happy Addons Review 12
HappyAddons Live Copy

To speed up the site-building process, some Eelementor Addons provides you the templates, which you can import and build the site.

But, HappyAddons comes woith something different, they introduced the Live Copy Feture.

Basically, HappyAddons team designed some beautiful Widgets on their demo site. Now with the help of this Live Copy Feature, you can go to their demo site, copy the Elements which you like and paste it on your site.

This feature will help you to speed up the process and use the design inspiration of Designers.

5.Image Masking

Happy Addons Review 13
HappyAddons Image Masking

With Elementor, Masking an image in your desired shape is a really hard task. But As A Said earlier The HappyAddons is the real Elememtor Problem solver.

Here at HappyAddons, you can able to mask image into some beautiful SVG shapes.

But a UI designer wants more flexibility, so they also added the custom shapes features. Means, you can upload any shape in SVG format and mask image into it.

6.Floating Effect

Elementor has prebuilt Floating efefct, wher you can craete some floating efefcts like space a nd other stuff.

Buy now with HappyAddons it becomes really easy to use the Floating Effect.

Using this feature you can Translate, Rotate or Scale and play as you like.

And the best thing about this feature is, it is totally free.

Below is the live example of it.

Floating Effects Example

This very exclusive 360 degree object rotation feature for HappyAddons floating effect. Bring creative touch to your project with HappyAddon

Happy Addons Review 14
Happy Addons Review 15
Happy Addons Review 16
Happy Addons Review 17
Happy Addons Review 17

7.CSS Transform

CSS Transform is another free feature of HappyAddons. With the help of CSS Transform you can add text like translate, rotate, scale and skew effect to widgets and texts.

Below is the live example of it.

And Rotate Effect

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Trendy Design


Modular Control


8.On Demand Asset Loading

This is yet another good fearures which will help you to speed up your site.

HappyAddons will load only load CSS or javascript assets from only the widgets that were used to design your page.

Happy Addons Review 19
On Demand Asset Loading

9.Widget Background Overlay

Widget Background Overlay feature is already present in the Elementor page Builder But the problem is you can add an overlay to every element or Widget. So HappyAddons added this awesome functionality.

With this HappyAddons Feature, you can able to add Widget Background Overlay to all the widgets.

10.Happy Line Icons

Elememntor recently added the Icon library, but not all type of icons are present. But here with HappyAddons, you get 500+ Icons which are customizable and comes handy while designing your site.

11.Happy Column Control

As you know you don’t have enough control over managing the column order on mobile responsive mood. 

Once you switch to HappyAddons you can manage the order of every column as per your needs.

12.Custom Column Width

This is the advanced feature, which you can use while designing the sites.

In Elementor Page Builder we can manage column width ratio with percentage parameter. Sometimes we need to add some pixel-perfect ratio to make lucrative designs. With this feature, you can do that easily.

You can check more information about this feature here

13.Happy Clone

With the help of Happy Clone, you can easily clone any type of posts or pages from the Elementor finder itself.

When you open the finder of Elementor Page builder(CMD / CTRL + E), you can search any page or post there. Right on the search panel, you will find the Happy Clone option as well. Just click and clone it.

It is a really great feature while designing.

Happy Addons Review 20
Happy Clone

14.Fixed Size Button

Using this feature you will be able to declare the size for your 100% circular button.

15.Grid Layout

With this feature, you can easily grid layout to your site. You can manage colour, width and grid numbers.

16.Wrapper Link

Using this feature you can make the whole sections, columns, widgets. clickable.

It’s tough to add a link to a particular section without any Button in Elementor Page Builder. But adding an extra button sometimes breaks the aesthetics of your elegant design. But with the help Happy Wrapper Link Feature, you will get the full freedom to insert links to any area of Elementor.

HappyAddons Pricing

HappyAddons comes with Yearly and Lifetime pricing model. For a site, you have to pay $39 yearly or $149 one time payment.

If you want Happy Addons Discounts then check our HappyAddons Coupon for more details.

  • 1 Site -$39
  • 5 Sites – $89
  • Unlimited Sites – $189
  • 1 Site – $149
  • 5 Sites – $349
  • Unlimited Sites – $549

HappyAddons Review Wrap Up

I hope you liked the HappyAddons Review. If you have any Questions regarding HappyAddons then do let us know in the comment section below. And try this awesome HappyAddon and please share this HappyAddons Review with your friends.

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Happy Addons Review
Happy Addons Review
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