Essential Addons for Elementor Review

Essential Addons for Elementor Review
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In this article, we reviewed the most downloaded Elementor Addon, the Essential Addons for Elementor. So if you are interested in Essential Addons for Elementor then keep reading the Essential Addons for Elementor Review. We also have a special ongoing Essential Addons for Elementor Coupon.

Launched in 2017, Essential Addons for Elementor is become popular over time and become most downloaded Elementor Addons with 1,300 +Five Stars Rating, 600,000 +Happy Customers and 5,500,000 +Downloads.

As of writing this article, it offers 70+ Elementor widgets and 7+ Extensions. So we will go through the unique Elementor widgets and Extensions to make it easier for you to know more about it and help you to decide whether to buy it or not.

Essential Addons for Elementor Review: First Impression

Like other plugins, you can find Essential Addons for Elementor on WordPress Plugins Repository.

Once you install it, you will see the General section where you can find the Documentation and Support links.

After that, you can see the Global Control of Elements, where you can enable or disable a particular widget.

Next to Elements, you find the Extension. These are basically special features which you can enable or disable as per your need. e.g Table of Contents.

At last, you will see Tools, where you can regenerate Files and other options.

Essential Addons For Elementor: Elements and Extensions

Essential Addons For Elementor comes with Diffrent types of elements, extensions and Integration with 3rd party plugin liked Learndash and WooCommerce. So let’s have a look at Essential Addons For Elementor Review with each type of element.

1.Content Elements

As the name suggests these are related to content. You can add the Buttons, Testimonials, Headings, Boxes and much more.

Essential Addons for Elementor Review 1
  • Creative button: With this widget, you can create buttons with Primary & Secondary Content Settings. Moreover, you can play with different shapes, colours and Insert the different Icons within buttons.
  • Team Member: Here you can add the Team Members with their Name, Designation and Social Profiles. You can customize this on your own way, you get the Simple, Overlay, Center and Round Styles to play with.
  • Testimonials: Here you can showcase your Testimonials from Different peoples. You get some beautiful styles, client image, short portfolio, valuable words, social share icons and Star Ratings.
  • Flip Box: This is the basic Flip Box widget, where you can flip the box in 4 direction on mouse hover. You also get the Zoom In & Zoom Out effect.
  • Info Box: Info Box is one of the most beautifully designed widgets where you can able to change the colour and shapes of the box. You can customize the Icon, Image and content.
  • Dual Color Heading: Here you can able style your Heading with 2 colours, Icons and Subtext. But here you can’t add the animation.
  • Tooltip: Tooltip will let you present your icon, text, images or short-codes content in an elegant manner with mouse hover effect to make it engaging for the visitors.
  • Advanced Accordion: With this widget, you can add the Accordion. The interesting thing is you can add Image and function inside the Accordion Content.
  • Advanced Tabs: As Advanced Accordion this widget add the Tabs into your website. With this, you can add image into the tabs and use the nested section template display 2 tabs one inside another.
  • Feature List: Here you can personalize key features of products and play around with the Shapes, Colours and Connectors.
  • Offcanvas: Offcanbas is basically a sidebar which opens when you click on the button. You can customize the sidebar style and add any type of content inside the sidebar. You can use this feature to collect the email by adding a form inside the Sidebar.
  • Advanced Menu: As the name suggests you can add the Menu anywhere in your website. You can add the dropdown and verticle menu too.
  • Content Toggle: With this Widget, you can able to show the key difference between the primary and secondary content.
  • Testimonial Slider: This is basically a slider with Testimonials as slides. Here also you can play with then Name, Content and Review Star Ratings.
  • Static Product: Here you can display the Static information of the products and style it according to your need. You can add proper image, header, description, link, demo text or button to engage more visitors
  • Sticky Video: Sticky Video allows you to display any video content (YouTube, Vimeo or Self-Hosted) to increase your website engagement. You can customize your overall video layout and make it available during site scrolling.
  • Event Calendar: Here you can showcase the upcoming events on the website. When they click on the Event, A popup with Details about that particular event will is shown.

2.Dynamic Content Elements

Essential Addons for Elementor Review 2

These elements are basically pulling the Dynamic Content from your websites. You can use these features to display the Posts, Gallary, Table and Map.

  • Post Grid: This is basically a grid of your blog post. You can add the Featured image, Read More Buttons and much more.
  • Post Timeline: Here also you can display Blog Posts, Pages and Custom Posts, but in vertical Layout.
  • Data Table: With Data Table you can display your data in a table layout with desired headers, icon, rows, columns with content and enable the filter. You can export a CSV file of data table anytime and make it customize it from the style section.
  • Advanced-Data Table: Here also you can daily data in table format but in large scale. You have an option to connect the Table with Tablepress, Ninja Tables and Google Sheets.
  • Content Ticker: If you have any news website then you can showcase the trending news in this Ticker Widget. You have the option to add dynamic posts and custom text.
  • Advanced Google Map: This widget will help you to create amazing maps with the help of Google Maps.
  • Post Block: It is same as Post Gribn, but the main difference is it lets you display posts in block format.
  • Post Carousel: This is yet another widget to showcase the Posts. And here you get the Carousel style.
  • Smart Post List: This is an amazing post widget to show your blog posts with Seach band filter options.
  • Content Timeline: This is same as the post-Timeline but here you can add the custom or dynamic content to diplayu.,
  • Filterable Gallery: As the name suggests this widget lets you create stunning Flteranle gallery with amazing Overlay, Gallery, Card and filter layout.

3.Creative Elements

Essential Addons for Elementor Review 3

These elements are related to creativity. You can showcase your creativity with these amazing Widgets like Fancy Text and Counter.

  • Countdown: Wanna craete beautiful looking and appealing countdown? Then try this widget which can display both the static and dynamic content.
  • Fancy Text: This Fancy text widget lets you animate the text with different types of Effects.
  • Image Accordion: You can Highlight your images with amazing hover and click effects
  • Progress Bar: Here you can display beautifully looking Progress Bar with different types of animation, shapes and icons.
  • Interactive Promo: Here you can Add attractive heading, inner content & beautiful images with Promo Effect.
  • Counter: Add beautiful counters and play with shapes, background and icons.
  • Lightbox & Modal: This amazing widget lets you create the button and set the trigger, after clicking on that button. You can display anything in that like images, Custom HTML and youtube videos.
  • Protected Content: Protected Content lets you restrict important data by setting up user permission or giving passwords to a certain area.
  • Image Comparison: Here you can compare to images and tell the difference between them basically the before and after the type of image.
  • Flip Carousel: Here you can showcase your vote basically images in Flip Carousel
  • Logo Carousel: Display amazing clients logos with Carousel and play with background and colours.
  • Interactive Cards: Add your desired content into the cards and make it visible after the click.
  • One Page Navigation: Now Create amazing One-page website in one click. Moreover, you can customize as per your need.
  • Image Hotspot: Image Hotspot lets you make the image area hotspots with custom tooltips so that user can click on the hotspots to reveal an associated text.
  • Divider: This basically lets you carry amazing divided between 2 contents. You can add images, Icons and Dots to customize your divider.
  • Image Scholar: As the name suggests it will let you add the scrolling effect to your images. You can add Horizontal and verticle scrolls to your images.

4.Marketing Elements

If you want to improve your sales then make use of these amazing marketing elements.

  • Call To Action: You can add high converting CTA elements into your website.
  • Pricing Table: Add beautiful Pricing table into your website and customize it according to your need.
  • Price Menu: You can add beituful mernu item and price with the help of this elememts.

5.Form Styler Elements

Essential Addons for Elementor Review 4

With these elements you can customize the forms. It can be easily integrated with the below formds plugins.

  • Contact Form 7
  • weForms
  • Ninja Form
  • Gravity Form
  • Caldera Form
  • WPForms
  • FluentForm
  • Formstack
  • Typeform
  • Mailchimp

Apart from this you can addd the Login and Registration forms.

6.Social Feed Elements

These widgets basically display the social media Feed into your website, Currently the below social media channels are supported.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter.

7.Learndash Support

This basically displays the Learndash course list.

8.BetterDocs Integration

These elements are basically helpful when you are using BetterDocs Plugin. You can add the BetterDocs Search, Category Box and Categor Grid.

9.WooCommerce Integration

Essential Addons is compatible WooCommerce. You can add the Product Grid, Priduct collection and design nd WooCommerce Checkout Pages.

10.Premium Extensions

  • Parallax

This extension lets you add the amazing Parallax Effects into your website. You can also have option to add the mouse interaction effect.

To use parallax effect, activate this in the Essential Addons Setting then click on the edit section now you will see the parallax effects tab. Now you can customize according to your need.

  • Particle Effects

This extension uses the partuicle.js to display the beautiful particles effect on your website. You can either choose the default effects or can add the custom effect using particle.js script.

To use Particle Effect activate this in the Essential Addons Setting then click on the edit section now you will see the Particle Effects tab. Now you can customize according to your need.

  • Advanced Tooltip

Advanced Tooltip lets you add Tooltip to any widgets Of Essential Addons. E.G you can add tooltip to pricing table, images, buttons and much more.

  • Content Protection

With this extension, you can either hide content by user role or with the password.

  • Reading Progress Bar

Reading Progress Bar indicates the current reading position (how much you have “read”, depending on how far you have scrolled down an article).

This can add the beautiful looking progress bar and might help you to down the bounce rate.

  • Table of Contents

Recently Elementor added the feature to add the Table Of Contents. But this is something interesting. Because you can add modal and lightbox type of Table of Content. Where the user clicks on the b button and the Table of Content will appear.

Essential Addons for Elementor Review 5
  • Post Duplicator

EA Post Duplicator Extension will let you make duplicates to any of your website page or post types just with a click. It can help you to create multiple posts in a short amount of time or even cloning a post as a draft for further editing.


By default on Elementor, you can add the Custom CSS, but here you have an additional option to add the custom JS. So if you want to add any Javascript then use this extension.

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Essential Addons For Elementor Review: Conclusion

Essential Addons For Elementor is the affordable yet useful Elementor Addons with Lifetime Deal. For the features it’s going to offer and priced just $69 per year for the unlimited website, it is definitely worth trying.

I hope you liked our Essential Addons For Elementor Review.

If you have any question then comments down below and share this Essential Addons For Elementor review with your friends.

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Essential Addons for Elementor Review
Essential Addons for Elementor Review
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