AliDropship Review

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Are you planning to start your own Dropshipping Business? Good decision. Here is our AliDropship Review.

We included Good things, Bad things and the small tutorial about How to Use AliDropship Plugin.

This review gonna help you to do the Dropshipping business and earn passive income.

In the end, we have a special AliDropship Coupon for you.

AliDropship Plugin

AliDropship has everything which you need to start your own Dropshipping store without any problems.

They Have the best Dropshipping Plugin which will help you to import products from AliExpress and build the store with WordPress CMS.

Apart from this, they have custom made Dropshipping store, Established Dropshipping store marketplace where you can buy the existing stores and they recently added the premium dropshipping store where you get the exact replica of successful dropshipping websites.

In this article I will be going to explain everything step by step, so keep reading…

AliDropship Plugin Overview

AliDropship comes with 2 types of plugins, one is The AliDropship Original Plugin and another one is AliDropship WOO plugin.

Now get confused with these two.

The main difference between these two is the theme compatibility. The Original version supports only the built-in AliDropship themes, whereas the AliDropship version supports all the Woccommerce themes and plugins.

For better understating here is the comparison table.

Difference between AliDropship and AliDropship WOO Plugins
Difference between AliDropship and AliDropship WOO Plugins

I hope you understand it, now coming to the point, The Alidropship Plugin costs $89 but for TheFreakyBlog readers they provided the Special AliDropship Coupon.

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How to buy Alidropship Plugin?

Step 1:Click this Special Link to Activate the Special AliDroship Discount.

AliDropship Review 1

Step 2: Now you will see 2 option one is Alidropship WordPress Plugin and another is Alidropship Custom Stores. So choose which you want.

AliDropship Review 2

Step 3: Now click on Buy Now Button.

Step 4: Now you will see the checkout page. Next, you need to enter this special Promo code THEFREAKYBLOG10 and click on Apply Coupon.

Alidropship Coupon Codes 2020
Alidropship Coupon Codes 2020

Step 5: You will see the price come down to the US $66.75.

Step 6: Now you have successfully used Alidropship Coupon. To enter the details and Buy Alidropship Plugin.

NOTE: Follow these same steps to get discount on Alidropship Plugins, Custom Stores, Addons, Hosting and many other things. The procedure is the same but coupons are diffrent. So have listed all the Alidropship Coupon codes So use it and save money.

After buying this plugin you will get the mail which includes the Download links of those plugins and License Key.

Now install Alidropship Plugin and start using it.

You know till now if you want to do dropshipping then You have only one option that is Shopify. But now you can start your own Dropshipping Business with AliDropShip.

If you love WordPress like me, you can get AliDropship Plugin to build Dropshipping, and if you don’t want WordPress, then you can go for their custom store where they will make the custom dropshipping store for your dropshipping business.

Buy an online business

Difference between Custom Store, Established stores and Premium Dropshipping store.

Custom Store: Custom stores are created from scratch especially for you, according to your own preferences. They are UNIQUE and their creation takes 12-25 business days (depending on your package).

Premium Dropshipping Store: Premium stores are COPIES of our existing successful stores. You get your store copy files immediately after the payment, then upload the site onto your hosting server (or, we can do it for you) – and can start promoting and selling the very same day.

Established store: Each of the established stores they offer is an already operating dropshipping store with a proven track record, active social media accounts, and a loyal buyers’ community.

Alidropship Custom Stores Review

If you are not familiar with developing a WordPress Site, but wants to earn Money by Dropshipping then, You can use AliDropship’s Custom Stores. Here you just need to pay One Time Fee, after that, you will get your site ready within 12-15 days. Then you can start Dropshipping and Earn Money Through it.

How the Alidropship Custom Stores Works

Step 1: First you need to place by selecting a package that suits you best. Pricing starts at US $299.

Step 2: Now Your personal manager contacts you to learn your requests and help with a profitable niche selection.

Step 3: Once you place the order and select the design, the Team, starts building site for you.

Step 4: After some time they handover the site to you. Now you become the owner of that store for a lifetime and you can do whatever you want.

Features of AliDropship Custom Stores

  • Personal manager

After you buy the AliDropship Custom store, you will be provided with the Personel manager. If you have any doubts then you can ask him or you can tell him about the design you want. He will take care of all the technical issues.

  • Deep niche research

AliDropship team will do the Niche Research for you. That means they will pick the profitable dropship niches and products. And their team is expert in Dropshipping and help you to make money with Dropshipping.

  • Zero work from you

Once you order the AliDropship Custom store then sit back, AliDropship team will take care of everything. You just need to give suggestions that’s it. They will design, Create the Products, Do the SEO and Social Media Marketing For you.

  • 100% ownership

Once they will design your websites then, it will be yours for a lifetime. You are the only owner of that store. AliDropship will not interfere with your website until and unless you ask for technical support.

  • Mobile and SEO friendly

Your Dropshipping Store will be built by the Expert Web designers and SEOs. They will index your website on major search engines.

  • Lifetime support

AliDropship is always ready to help you. They will provide Lifetime Support that means you can ask any support anytime.

  • Best selling products

If you do the investment in Dropshipping with the help of AliDropship then, you get the best Benefits out of it. Because AliDropship Experts will select the best selling products for your dropshipping store.

  • Amazing design

Your sites will be built by the best Web designer. Moreover, you can tell them that you want that particular type of designs.

AliDropship Custom Stores Plans.

AliDropship offers 3 different plan for Custom Stores. Price Starting from $299 goes up to $899.

Basic Plan

In this plan, you will get your desired .com, Unlimted Products, Unlimited Monthly Offers and everything. This plan basically cost $299 but using Alidopship Coupon you get for $224 with 20% off.

  • Niche research
  • Premium Domain name (.com)
  • Unique professional design
  • Mobile devices ready
  • AliDropship plugin
  • Unlimited Choice of products
  • 50 products ready to sell
  • Unlimited Monthly orders
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Professional business stats
  • PayPal, Credit cards Payment gateways
  • 10-13 business days Delivery time
  • Free AliDropship store theme
  • Metadata
  • Google indexing
  • Social bookmarking

Advanced Plan

In the Advanced plan of you will get every benefit of Basic plan and additionally you get 100 products ready to sell whereas in Basic Plan you get 50. Here they will craete the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for your store.

  • Niche research
  • Premium Domain name (.com)
  • Unique professional design
  • Mobile devices ready
  • AliDropship plugin
  • Unlimited Choice of products
  • 100 products ready to sell
  • Unlimited Monthly orders
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Professional business stats
  • PayPal, Credit cards Payment gateways
  • 13-18 business days Delivery time
  • Free AliDropship store theme
  • Metadata
  • Google indexing
  • Social bookmarking

Ultimate Plan

In Ultimate plan, you get everything which you get in Advanced plan but additionally, you get Promo video, Social media promo tool, Youtube Channel and 200 Products Ready to sell.

  • Niche research
  • Premium Domain name (.com)
  • Unique professional design
  • Mobile devices ready
  • AliDropship plugin
  • Unlimited Choice of products
  • 100 products ready to sell
  • Unlimited Monthly orders
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Professional business stats
  • PayPal, Credit cards Payment gateways
  • 18-23 business days Delivery time
  • Free AliDropship store theme
  • Metadata
  • Google indexing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social Media Promo Tool
  • Promo video

AliDropship custom store worth it?

It completely depends on you because AliDropship team help you to choose the right niche and will design your website and do all the necessary things. But after this, it’s your responsibility to take care of that site. Overall you get the best value for money but you need to work hard in order to build a successful dropshipping store.

AliDropship Custom Store Live Examples

AliDropship Established Stores Review

Recently AliDropship introduced Established store where you can buy the stores which are already generating revenue.

They list plenty of stores regularly with the Site Name, Revenue, Expenses and Net Profit.

If you click on a particular store, you get more information about that store like Traffic Reports, Social Media accounts stats, products details and other details.

If you are looking for the money-making dropshipping store then it is really good opportunity. You get the buyer protection from Alidropship and it is really Trusthworthy.

AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Stores Review

Premium Dropshipping stores are the exact replica of already successful dropshipping stores.

For example, They listed the gaming store which is making $22,000 per month. The site name is

If you want the exact copy of the website and they will give you the working stragey to get orders.

How it works:

  1. Buy an exact copy of the store and find it in your inbox immediately
  2. Upload the website onto a hosting following our instructions (or, get it done by our team)
  3. Use our tested promotion strategies to replicate (or even beat) our $264,000/year success.

AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Stores Price

You get the Dropshipping store for $300 which includes the copy of the successful website. But you need the marketing strategy then you need to pay another $200 which is worth it. Because you get the proven strategies.

If you don’t know how to install websites then you can include the installation package for $200.

What’s included in the purchase?

  • AliDropship plugin + license
  • Store theme + banners
  • Template store logo in PNG
  • Catalogue of pre-edited products
  • Customer reviews for the products
  • 3 add-ons + licenses: Facebook Business, GA Enhanced Ecommerce, Abandoned Cart
  • Social accounts design: covers, avatars, BIO texts.

What is NOT included in the purchase?

  • Store name – you can use ours or replace it with your own
  • Custom store logo – you can use a template logo included in the purchase or get a custom one with our Installation package (if you add it to your order)
  • Hosting and domain – you can use your own or get both with our Installation package (if you add it to your order)
  • Social accounts – you need to create your own ones

AliDropship Addons Review

AliDropship Review 3

Alidropship WordPress Plugin comes with almost all basic features. But if you need some advanced features like Facebook Marketing, SEO, Social Media Automation and upsells you can buy individual addons.

They have plenty of add-ons, some of them are free and some are paid. Basically, these are just plugins with different functionality. Alternatively, you can use WordPress Plugins for the same purpose.

You can either buy their packages or individual plugins. Here are the details about the AliDropship add-ons plans.

1. Beginner’s Set Addons

This is the Bundle Addon, where you get the 6 Essentials plugins for only $120 whereas if you buy them individually or would cost you $172.These are helpful to create a business.


  • Urgency
  • Product Bundle
  • Reviews Page
  • Promo Banner
  • SEO Image Optimizer
  • My Suppliers 

2. Add-on Bundle

This is the Bundle Addon is packed with all the best plugins which will help you to boost the revenue of the dropshipping store. You get the 6 different plugins for only $145 whereas if you buy them individually it would cost you $212.


  • Countdown Timer
  • Facebook Business
  • Recent Sales Pop-up
  • Google Merchant
  • Upsell
  • Social Rabbit

3. Product Bundle

This is the Ulmate Products bundle Addons which helps you to increase the revenue.

3. Other Addons

Here you get all the individual addons and their pricing. you can but these according to your need.

  • Promo Banner – $19
  • Upsell – $37
  • Countdown Timer – $19
  • Seo Image Optimizer – $39
  • AliShipping – $29
  • GA Enhanced Ecommerce – Free
  • My Suppliers – Free
  • Abandoned Cart – Free
  • Google Merchant – $27
  • Social rabbit Plugin – $69
  • Facebook Business – $27
  • Urgency – $29
  • Reviews Page – $29
  • Customers Gallery – Free
  • Recent Sales Popup -$29

AliDropShip has WordPress plugins which come with handy features. With this Plugin, you can import products from AliExpress website. It is compatible with WooCommerce and you can customize your pricing rules for Dropshipping business.

  • One-click import from AliExpress
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce
  • FREE package of 50 AliExpress bestsellers
  • Pricing Rules
  • Auto-updating Ali Express Products
  • One-Click Order Place

AliDropship Dropshipping Services

AliDropship Review 4
Ali Dropship Sevices

If you need any help during Dropshipping you can get Alidropship Services. They provide a variety of Sevices like Product Data entry, Social Media setup and Custom design.

They provide Marketing, Development and hosting services.

AliDropship Themes

Alidropship also provides Woocommerec themes which are designed for Dropshipping. They have both free and paid Dropshipping Woccommrce these categorized for AliDropship Plugin and AliDropship Woo Theems.

Here is the list of Free and Paid themes.

  1. Van Gogh – $67
  2. El Greco -$67
  3. Picasso – $67
  4. Andy Warhol – $67
  5. Da Vinci 2.0 – Free
  6. Rubens – Free
  7. Da Vinci – Free
  8. Dali – Free
  9. Michelangelo – Free
  10. Raphael – Free
  11. Rembrandt – Free
  12. Andy Warhol Woo – $67
  13. Matisse Woo – $67
  14. Claude Monet Woo – $67
  15. El Greco Woo – $67
  16. Da Vinci 2.0 Woo – Free

AliDropship Chrome Extension

To import products from AliExpress website, AliDropship has a dedicated chrome extension.

You can also search for low priced products and have filters like reviews and more.

AliDropship Hosting Review

As you know you to run a dropshipping website you need a hosting. Either you can get the best quality hosting from hosting providers like Cloudways or Siteground or you can get the hosting from AliDropship itself.

AliDropship hosting pricing starts from $48 per month for 3 GB Storag.

Pros of AliDropship Hosting

[su_list icon=”icon: check”]

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Perfectly optimized for the AliDropship plugin
  • IonCube Guard Loader


Cons of AliDropship Hosting

[su_list icon=”icon: remove”]

  • No Domain
  • No money Back Guarantee


But there is no money-back guarantee and the domain name is not included.


I hope you liked the AliDropship Review in 2020. If You have any questions regarding the AliDropship plugin then let us know in the comment section below. And Please share this AliDropship Review with your friends who wanted top start Dropshipping business.

AliDropship Review
AliDropship Review
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