AAWP Review

AAWP Review
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Do you want to increase your Amazon Affiliate Sites Earnings? If yes, then keep reading this AAWP Review.

Here we have reviewed the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin which is also know as AAWP.

AAWP Features to boost Amazon Affiliates Earnings.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

AAWP is 100% responsive. Whatever you create with the AAWP it will automatically optimize for Mobile Devices as well as Tablets. But make sure taht yiu wont add too many columns in Tables.


With Geaotargeting you can target different countries. For example, let’s say you have written an article about Best sports Shoes and it is ranking in many countries, but by default, you can’t change the affiliate link for every country. That’s where the AAWP Geotargeting feature comes into the plays. Here you just need to enter the all countries affiliate ID’s the AAWP automatically insert the Affiliate links according to User’s country.

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Text Links

Here you can insert the Amazon Product link with your affiliate ID. While selecting the product you just need to Enter the Amazon Product ASIN number then it will automatically insert everything.

Bestseller (Lists)

Here you can create the Best Selling Products links like Top 10, Top 20 Best Selling Shoes etc.

This is really helpful to increase the CTR as it creates the table like structure listing all the best products.

Some Other Features

  • Data Fields

Here you can get the Amazon Products Meta like Price and everything. You just need to enter the Amazon Product ASIN number to get the details.


AAWP uses HTTPS secured connection to deliver the data.

  • Click Tracking

You can track your clicks and conversion with this feature.

  • Amazon Prime & Extra Commissions

Here you can insert the Amazon Prime Tag to increase the conversion.

  • Developer Friendly

Supporting developers by supplying special functions, PHP templating and WordPress hooks.

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  • Automated Data Updates

Once you insert the Data on your website AAWP will automatically update Product Data like Price and everything.

  • Tracking ID

The plugin automatically creates affiliate links for you, including your personal tracking id. You just need to enter this for once in the dashboard.

  • Caching

If a customer visits your website then AAWP will save the data locally and loads faster when a visitor visits again.

  • Different Styles / Designs

AAWP offers different types of templates to insert in your article. Like Light darks etc

  • Comparison of Tables

Comparison tables are really important to increase the conversion rate of Affiliate sites. AAWP offers inbuilt Comparison table which can be customized according to your need.

  • Product Boxes

You can also insert the Amazon product boxes with Product NamE, pRICE ETC.

  • New Releases (Lists)

You can insert this shortcode to show the new p[roduct released in that particular category.

  • Widgets

AAWP offers many widgets that you can insert anywhere on your website using the shortcodes.

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  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

AAWP also support Google AMP. So you don’t need to worry about it. But as of now Products tables is not supporting AMP.

AAWP Plans And pricing

PlanRegular Price 
Personal$39Buy Now
Plus$99Buy Now
Pro$199Buy Now
Ultimate$299Buy Now

AAWP has 4 different plans starting from $39 and goes up to $399 for unlimited sites license.

Personel plan

Personel plan is the most basic plan of AAWP plugin where you can get the license for one site. But the best thing is you will get all the features which AAWP offers. Normally it costs $39 per year for a site.

Plus plan

Plus the plan is the second plan of AAWP which offers a license for 3 sites. Here also you will get the features of AAWP along with the one-year free support and updates. This plan cost you $99.

Pro Plan

Pro plan offers licenses for 10 sites which includes A;l the features, 1 year free updates and free support. This plan will cost you $199 but you can get it for $139 with AAWP Coupon Code 2020.

Ultimate Plan

The ultimate plan is the best plan for you if you have more than 20 sites. It will offer you all the features, Multisite Usage, 1-year Free support and 1 year Free Updates. Normally this costs you $399 for 25 sites.

AAWP Coupon Code

AAWP Coupon Code: AAWP is the best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. It has all the features which need to run successful Amazon affiliate sites. By doing $37 investment you can get great returns. AAWP is offering a huge 20% discount on all their plans with this AAWP Coupon Code.

How to activate the AAWP Coupon Code?

  • Step 1: Click on this special link to activate the AAWP Coupon 2020.
  • Step 2: Now click on the Get Started button.
  • Step 3: Now choose the best AAWP Plan for you.
  • Step 4: Now enter the special Coupon Code to get the AAWP Discount.
  • Step 5: Now you will see flat 20% Off on AAWP.
  • Step 6: Fill the details and Buy AAWP. 
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AAWP Review
AAWP Review
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