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Diviflash extends the features and functionalities of the Divi theme with additional features such as layout and modules.

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Divi Flash Features

Divi Modules

With DiviFlash, you can design an amazing website that will stand out by using 30 Divi builder modules. If you don’t have coding skills, DiviFlash is the best Divi plugin that will allow you to develop fabulous websites. There is only one plugin for Divi that will help you create a WordPress website like a PRO.

Advanced Heading

With the Diviflash advanced heading module, each heading element can be adorned with a variety of fancy features. For example, the desire to style a title over different text styles became true under the Divi heading module.

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  • Different Text Customizer
  • Dual Text Option
  • Built-in Divider 
  • Background Customizer
  • Custom Border
  • Custom Spacing
  • Sizing
  • Box-Shadow
  • Transform

Divi Dual Button Module

Create expressive, responsive, and highly customizable dual buttons with a good separator in between. You can use an icon or custom text with a decorative look to separate the two buttons.

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  • Typography options
  • Border Options
  • Responsive Design
  • Sizing Options
  • Advanced Options
  • Separator Options
  • Styling Options

Divi Image Masking Module

Diviflash’s image masking module provides a natural way to beautify images. Various types of shapes are inserted inside this image module to give the picture an artistic look. Furthermore, it offers several advanced features for adjusting the mask size, position, type, and rotation degree.

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Advanced Divi Blurb Module

In order to break the restrictions of Divi’s default blurb, Diviflash introduced the advanced blurb module. In addition, this module adds several extraordinary features that require an engaging blurb to accompany them.

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  • Content Variation
  • Robust Customization
  • Z-index
  • Image Positioning
  • Badge Customizer
  • Typography
  • Sizing Options
  • Image Filter

Divi Advance Tabs Module

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  • Animation Styler
  • Navigation Menu Styler
  • Background Customizer
  • Navigation Active Arrow
  • Text Customization
  • Image Filter
  • Border & Box Shadow
  • Animations

Divi Business Hours Module

Diviflash’s business hours module comes with all the necessary attributes to control your design accordingly. The title and rows of the container, for instance, are styled with a stylish appearance under the business hours module. Additionally, this module decorates every single section of day & time, including the separator, under a quick process.

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Divi Table Module

Except for the table, almost every module in the Divi theme is available. So, to create an enchanting table in Divi, you need a third-party Divi plugin. Hence, Diviflash introduces the Divi table module with numerous features and the easiest way to design each ingredient.

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Advanced Divi Table Module

It takes a lot of work to create an elegant table in the divi theme that contains a long list of data. The advanced Divi table module made the journey effortless by promoting Diviflash. There are a number of pro features included in this module that enhance the table’s aesthetic.

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Advanced Divi Person Module

Divi’s advanced person module contains easy-to-customize features, such as name and role tags. Additionally, Divi users are able to implement social icons like Pinterest, Email, Contact-number, and more along with decorating them with unique styles.

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Creative/Animated Modules

  • Divi Flip Box
  • Animated Heading
  • Divi Tilt Card
  • Divi Hover Box
  • Image Hover Box
  • Image Accordion
  • Before After Slider
  • Floating Multi Image
  • Advanced Image Gallery
  • Justified Image Gallery
  • Packery Image Gallery
  • Divi Image Carousel
  • Divi logo Carousel
  • Divi Content Carousel
  • Divi Testimonial Carousel
  • Instagram Carousel
  • Blog Carousel


  • Blog Grid
  • Blog Carousel
  • Custom Post Types Grid
  • Product Grid

3d Party In.

  • Instagram Gallery
  • Instagram Carousel
  • WP Forms
  • Contact Forms 7


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