12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION]

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Looking for the best Elementor Addons to enhance the Elementor Page Builders functionality? If yes, then Today here we are presenting you the best Elementor Addons both Free and Premium.

Well, Elementor itself offers tons of features to build a website. But people want more features, more specific widgets and readymade templates. To solve this problem The Elementor Addons Comes in the action.

Here we have 10 Different Elementor Addons which are Free and Paid also. Some of these offer Free Plugin with limitations and then they offer a paid version without limitations.

How to choose the best Elementor Addons

  • Widgets: This is the basic features of all Elementor addons. Many add-ons come with the enhanced version of the default Elementor widgets like Heading, Image and Videos. And nowadays many addons are offering some of the unique widgets which are not present in Elementor.
  • Extensions: These are the things which help you to add the extra functionality to your website. For example, the Particle background is an extension which helps you to add the Particles effect from particle.js
  • Modules: With this feature, you can enable or disable the widgets of extensions. This feature helps you to increase the speed by not loading all the widgets and extensions.
  • Support: Support is the key factor. Many addons come with awesome features but they also have some bugs. That’s why good support is really important.
  • Pricing and usage: According to the case study On average, an Elementor add-on costs $26.4 annually for a single-site license and The average cost of a single-site lifetime plan is $45.3.
  • Documentation: Many addons amazing features abut users don’t know how to use them. The reason is poor documentation.
  • WooCommerce Support: As the Elementor supports WooCommerce it is important an Addons need to be compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Form Styler Widgets: It means basically,
  • Templates: This is also a major factor. If you are a lazy designer then this might be helpful. Well, some add-ons offer templates and some presets.
  • Live Copy: This is basically an extended version of the template system. Instead of importing here, you can copy-paste your desired template.

Best Elementor Addons and Extensions

  1. HappyAddons For Elementor
  2. Crocoblock
  3. Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  4. Essential Addons for Elementor.
  5. Premium Addons for Elementor
  6. The Plus Addons For Elementor
  7. PowerPack for Elementor
  8. Element Pack
  9. Elementor Extras
  10. Dynamic Content For Elementor
  11. Elementor Guru
  12. WidgetKit
  13. Unlimited Addons
  14. Exclusive Addons
  15. Piotnet Addons for Elementor
  16. AnyWhere Elementor
  17. Envato Elements
  18. Wunder WP
  19. Livemesh Addons for Elementor
  20. Mighty Addons
  21. Master Addons

1.HappyAddons For Elementor

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 1

HappyAddons for Elementor is my favourite Elementor Addon. It offers some unique widgets, which the Elementor Pro failed to offer.

HappyAddons offers 40+ beautiful looking Elementor Widgets with presets, that means you will get 8-10 different styles of that particular widgets.

HappyAddons offers 40+ beautiful looking Elementor Widgets with presets, that means you will get 8-10 different styles of that particular widgets.

It has a Cross-Domain Copy Paste feature, which lets you to easily copy anything from one site to another site.


They also have a Live Copy feature where you can copy-paste widgets and template from their websites to your websites.

Apart from these, it also offers Awesome CSS Animations, 500+ Happy Line Icons, On-Demand Asset Loading and Widget Background Overlay features.

And another interesting thing is Elementor doesn’t offer unlimited sections, but with HappyAddons, you can create unlimited sections and columns without any hassles.

If you want to know more about Happy Addons then read our Happy Addons Review. In case you want a discount then check out our Happy Addons Coupon.

HappyAddons offers the below pricing.

Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now
HappyAddons Pricing


12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 2

Crocoblock is all in one toolkit for the Elementor Page Builder. It offers 18 plugins, 47 Templates, 150+ Widgets with 64 types of Elemetor Popups.

Crocoblock is developed by ZEMEZ, a popular WordPress Developer who developed the Monstroid WordPress Theme and many more WordPress Projects.

Talking about the Features, Instead of grouping, Crcocoblock offers different plugins for different types of widgets and functionality.

For Example, If you want to build Mega Menu Using Elementor then they have JetMenu Plugin which offers almost every features required to build any types of Menu.

You can check their entire plugin list here.

Crocoblock also offers a free plugin to test its features with some limitations.

Crocoblock has 5 types of pricing as below

Well, all the plans come with 1-year updates and free support and the below 4 plugins are common in every plan.

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 3
1 Site Pricing
12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 4
Unlimited Site Pricing
  • E-Commerce – Best for building E-Commerce Sites
  • Design – Best for Designing beautiful websites
  • Dynamic – Best for building dynamic websites
  • All-Inclusive Yearly – Build any Kind of Websites
  • All-Inclusive Lifetime – Everything for lifetime

3. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 5

Ultimate Addons For Elementor is developed by Famous WordPress Developer BrainStormForce – The Team behind the Fastest WordPress Theme Astra.

UAE Offers the fastest and most useful Elementor Widgets to build the WordPress Sites. It has WooCommerce Widgets, Blog Widgets and Marketing Widgets.

If you are looking for the SEO Friendly and fast Elementor Widgets then you can go with Ultimate Addons For Elementor.

One of my favourite Video widgets offers

  • Custom Thumbnail Image
  • Play Button Customizations
  • Loading Time Optimization
  • Embed YouTube & Vimeo Videos
  • YouTube Subscribe Box at the bottom of the player
  • Sticky Video

Ultimate Addons For Elementor pricing starts from $69 for a year and $249 for a lifetime with unlimited sites. They also offer Agency and Mini Agency Plan, where you get their Themes and Plugins like Convert pro and Astra pro.

4. Essential Addons for Elementor.

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 6

Essential Addons for Elementor is yet another Elementor addon with great features. With over 7 million+ Downloads and 600,000+ Happy Customers, Essential Addons for Elementor is the most Popular Elementor Addon.

Essential Addons for Elementor Is developed by WPDeveloper the team behind the popular plugins like NotificationX and Flexia Theme.

It offers 70+ Elementor Premium widgets which feels really handy while designing sites with Elementor. To extend the Elementor functionality they offer 7+ Extensions which are really useful.

In future, they are releasing 100+ ready block which will help you to build a website.


You can buy Essential Addons for Elementor as low as $39.97 for a single website license for a year. They also offer Yearly Unlimited sites license for $69.97 and Unlimited Lifetime Sites Licesnse for $169.97.

5. Premium Addons for Elementor

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 7

Premium Addons for Elementor is yet another popular Elementor Addon with 3,500,000 downloads and 200,000 Active Installs. It comes with 22+ Free Widgets and 33+ Premium Widgets.

It is modular based, that means if you don’t want to use any widget then you can disable that. It really offers amazing and useful widgets for free as well as paid.

So if you are looking for the cheap yet advanced Elementor Addon then you can go with Premium Addons for Elementor.

The pricing starts from Yearly $39 for a single website and $69 for unlimited sites. They also have Lifetime Unlimited sites license which costs $199.

6. The Plus Addons For Elementor

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 8

The Plus Addons is the most advanced and flexible Ekementor Addon which comes with endless features.

Whether you need Developer Features or Marketing, you get everything in one place.

Custom CSS, Global Rules, Global Mouse Hover parallax, Messy Columns and Custom images are some of the Unique Features which you will able to see only at this addon.

If you are looking for the Elemnetor Add-on Which has endless Features and Unique Designing option then, definitely go for The Plus Addons.

The Plus Addons offers top-class 60+ Elementor widgets, 18+ Elementor page demos, and 300+ UI Blocks made in elementor.

If you are looking a Yearly single Site License then, it will cost you only $39, and Unlimited sites license costs $119. They also offer Unlimited Sites Lifetime Plan for $399.

7.PowerPack for Elementor

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 9

As the name suggests The PowerPack for Elementor is the powerful Elementor Addons with Seo Friendly Features.

The Indian WordPress Development Company IdeaBox built this awesome Elementor plugin. They have highly experienced WordPress Developer with many popular Plugins.

Talking about the features, PowerPack for Elementor offers 60+ Light Weight & Fast Loading Elementor Widgets.

They have some unique SEO Friendly features like How-To Schema, FAQ Schema and Breadcrumbs.

So if you are looking for the Elementor widgets with best features and Seo Friendly Features then go for PowerPack for Elementor.

They have 2 plans. One is Yearly which costs $59 and another is a lifetime plan which cost $199. They also provide 40% Renewal Discount on Yearly plan and 14 days money-back guarantee.

8. Element Pack

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 10

If you are looking for the Elementor Addons, which has pre-built Blocks, Pages and Widgets, then you can try Element Pack Elementor Addon.

Element Pack Pro has 115+ Widgets, 113+ ready-made pages, 160+ ready-made header & footer and 1000+ ready-made blocks. 

Popular Joomla and WordPress development company BDThemes owns this Elemnetor Addon.

Coming to the conclusion The Element Pack Addon for Elemntoer Suits for the people, who don’t’ want to design everything by self. And Element Pack offers the most number of Elementor Widgets.

Pricing starts from Yearly $24 for single-site and $129 for unlimited sites license. Lifetime Plan costs $49 for Single and $399 for Unlimited Sites license.

9.Elementor Extras

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 11

Elementor Extras is one of the first premium addons for Elementor. It has 31+ Unique Elementor Widgets. Over 25,000 websites are built using this Elementor Addon.

It offers some unique widgets like Gallery Sliders, Devices, Switchers and Age Gates.

It is one of the cheapest Elementor Addon Available in the market. It only costs 26€ for a single site and 128€Unlimited sites Lifetime license.

10.Dynamic Content For Elementor

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 12

Dynamic Content For Elementor is the most underrated Elementor Addon which offers the most amazing Developer friendly Tools and Widgets.

It has amazing 58+ Widgets and 20+ Extensions. The One thing which differs this Elementor Addons from Others is its Uniqueness.

Normally Elementor Addons offers almost the same widgets with different designs, but Dynamic Content For Elemetor is built for building the advanced WordPress websites with Dynamic Content.’

You will get unique features and extensions like Button Copy to Clipboard, CopyPaste Cross-site, Wizard Tokens, Dynamic Tag Token, Remote Content, QR and Bars Code, Loop Animations and much more.

In one word, Dynamic Content for Elementor is the Swiss Knife for Elementor.

Yearly Single Site License cost €39 whereas the 1000 sites license cost €109. Lifetimes deals costs €99 for single and €399 for 1000 sites license.

11.Elementor Guru | HT Mega Pro and Woolentor Pro.

12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 13

Elementor Guru is the Bundle of 7 WordPress Elementor Plugins and Themes, which includes the famous Elemntor Addons like HT Mega Pro and WooLentor Pro.

HT Mega Pro offers 80+ elements & 360 Blocks with unlimited variations. HT Mega pro also offers a Free version which includes some limitations but you should definitely give it a try.

WooLentor Pro is the WooCoommerce Elementor Addons which is specially designed for designing WooCommerce Pages. With the Woolentor, you get 15 Product Custom Templates, 10 Custom Shop Page Templates and the ability to design Cart Page, Checkout, My Account, Registration and Thank you page custom layout template.

Elementor GURU Costs Yearly $89 and Lifetime $239.

Also Check: Best Dropshipping plugins


12+ Best Elementor Addons: FREE + PAID [2021 EDITION] 14

WidgetKit is freemium Elementor Addons with 25+ Free Elements and 10+ Pro Elements. With WidgetsKit you get 20+ instant template layouts which are helpful to design WooCommerce and LMS Content.

​Ultimate (Unlimited Sites)​Agency (Unlimited Sites)​Personal (1 Site)
​$199 (Lifetime)​​$69 (Per Year)​​$39 (Per Year)

I hope this Elementor Addons article helped you to choose the best Elementor Addons. If you are still confused, then download Free version of these Eleemntor Addons first, try it on your websites then buy premium Elementor Addons.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Unlimited Elements For Elementor is different from all the other Elementor Elementor. Like every Elementor addons, it offers widgets but along with these awesome widgets, it lets you create your own Elementor Widgets.

Once you install Unlimited Elements you get access to 300+ Widgets which are well categorized. Even they have the beautiful pre designed templats.

Coming to the best part, the Unlimited Elements let’s you craete your own elementor Widgets with basic coding.

Even you can edit the existing widgets according to your need.

Unlimited Elements offers the free version which includes the widgets creator features with some limitations.

If you are looking for more features then you can check the pro version which costs you,$39 per year for single website and goes up with sites limits.

Piotnet Addons for Elementor

Piotnet Addons For Elementor is yet another underrated Elementor Addon which has the most amazing features and widgets.

PAFE comes with 16+ widgets, 24+ form builder widgets and 50+ extensions.

Here you get the most amazing features like Slider Builder With Animation, Ajax Live Search, Crossfade Multiple Background Images and Responsive Background Color.

PAFE has basic Widgets but it is really powerful in terms of Extensions. These Extensions are really useful while designing a site.

Piotnet Addons For Elementor has a free version along with the paid one which costs $40 for a site per year. Right now they are running a special offer where you can get the unlimited Sites lifetime license for only $60.

Exclusive Addons

Exclusive Addons is the completely free addon which offers 30+ widgets and 250+ ready blocks.

Exclusive Addons offers the basic widgets but these widgets are really well designed and the best thing is it is tottaly free so give a try to Exclusive Addons.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is yet anither free Elementor Addon which offers tons of template.

Envato Elements Doesn’t offer any widhet but you can use their free Templates which are beutifuly and professionaly designed.

Another greate thing about Envato Elemts is the Royalte Free Photios. Once you install the plugin you get the royalty free photos for free of cost.

  • Professional Template Kits
  • Royalty-free photos
  • Free Plugin

AnyWhere Elementor

AnyWhere Elementor is specially built to design the custom post layouts which you can use anywhere on your site.

It has Most versatile and flexible post widget to design your archive pages and woocommerce pages.

But keep in mind, you get only posts related widgets not any other, so if you are looking for posts related widgets then give a try to Anywhere Elementor Pro.

It has a free version along with the paid version which costs $25 per year for a site.

Wunder WP

Wunder WP is different kind of Elementor Addon which doesn’t offer any widgets but it offers the presets to the existing widgets.That means you get 5-6 different styles for existing Elementor Widgets.

Apart from Presets, it also offers free premade templates which you can import with one click.

Currently Wunder WP is free of costs, you can download this from WordPress Repo or click on the below button.

  • 50 Elements for Elementor Pro
  • 134 Element Styles for Elementor Free
  • 138 Element Styles for Elementor Pro
  • 42 Element Styles for Elementor Raven

Livemesh Addons for Elementor

Livemesh is yet another addon with basic widgets features like darkmode, grids, gallery and much more.

You get well coded elementor widgets with different styles and designs.

But some widgets are paid such as buttons which are available for free in other Elementor Widgets.

If you liked this Livemesh Addons then give a try by downloading free version below or get a pro verison for $39 per year for a site.

Best Elementor Addons: Conclusion

There are a lot of Elementor Addojs are available in the market. You have to choose one wisely according to your need.

Almost all Elementor Addons offers similar widgets but with different styling. Our favourite among all is Happy Addons and Crocoblock.

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